Through this series of photographs my intention is to explore the value of religion, music, and soul food for the Harlem community. The essence of Gospel Brunch lies upon the faith in religion, family values, and making a joyful noise, exemplifying the strength of the Harlem community.

The pictures feature Silvia’s Restaurant, the most famous soul food restaurant in New York City, often called "Sylvia's Soul Food" or even just "Sylvia's.” Founded in 1962 by Mrs. Sylvia Woods, who can be seen in one of the photographs or found any Sunday proud and happy in the restaurant she purchased by borrowing money from her mother, who mortgaged her farm to provide it.

As Harlem has been going through a lot of changes through the years, I found it fascinating to document such images that reveal the true soul of Harlem, discovered in such a common weekend activity for every New Yorker: Sunday brunch.